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Gabriele Maquignaz

Gabriele Maquignaz was born in Aosta in 1972. From the very beginning Gabriele shows a very creative nature and in his journey he combines a strong attachment to his alpine land and the Matterhorn with an interest and curiosity that goes beyond the borders. Gabriele is a researcher fascinated by the possibility to express through art the spiritual dimension of being. As a young man he became a ski instructor and developed various accommodation activities managed by his family, but his path is already set towards the world of Art in which he will express himself at the highest levels. Gabriele formed himself with a solid background in Arte Povera, and he found his roots in African, oceanic and pop art, as well as in the path of the great masters of the 20th century with particular attention to Picasso, Giacometti and Matisse up to Basquiat and Shnabel. Gabriele’s eclecticism and versatility led him to try his hand at painting, sculpture, mixed media, conceptual art and design that is expressed in his jewelry, clothing and furniture. Participating in several exhibitions both collective and monographic and in the footsteps of Spatialism, he founded an innovative vision of the third dimension in art, that is, the spiritual and afterlife dimension that goes beyond space and time. Gabriele expresses this vision in art with its extraordinary doors and coins an elliptical cut that engraves in the canvas in always different and innovative ways. Married with Nicole Borre, they have two children.... Her sister Marie Ange paints like her father Aimé, confirming the artistic and creative vein of the family. Gabriele’s works are purchased by Italian and foreign collectors, and a visit to his atelier at the foot of the Matterhorn is an intense experience. Many publications focus on the artist among them: (put title of Catalogues) Many art critics and journalists have written about him including Philippe Daverio, Marina Tazartes, Gabriele Accornero, Vittorio Sgarbi, Salvo Nunes. The main national media and various international formats have spoken about Gabriele.

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